Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Blogging must not be for me

I received my quarterly bill for hosting the other day, which reminded me that this exists.  I have started and stopped so many blogs and websites over the past decade that I have lost count.  I have tried different formats and used a variety of tools. And I realize I think it is just not something I am that interested in. 

It's not something that any of the other people who have pasted here like either. :)

I suppose I will keep paying for it, after all, my email comes through it, so I don't want to cancel that, but it is kind of a waste, so far. Oh well, you can't know something won't work until you try it.

I think what I enjoy is setting up blogs, not actually writing them.  Maybe I will just do that.  Every day set up a new site :)

Later, gators.

User Registration Temporarily Suspended

Hey folks,

After much stress handling various anti-spam plugins and having to moderate DedalusTech's user base every 2 - 3 hours, I have decided to disable user registration for the time being. I am currently working with some colleagues to build a custom, more efficient plugin to serve our needs. I will provide an update to the situation when we have time to implement the new plugin.


Marble Blast Fubar Beta Build 15000 is live!

Hey folks,

As promised, Marble Blast Fubar Beta Build 15000 is now live! So, to all you beta testers who have been patiently waiting, now is the time to bust out your old MBF Prefs.cs file and grab the latest build!

I'm also building a couple utilities and an early launcher client for the next beta build to make the prefs transition a bit easier on all of us. Eventually, most of the profile statistic stuff will be hosted on the online database anyway, but it will still be nice to have all of your UI configurations and game settings migrate over from older builds, and only update files that were changed, right?

As always, please be sure to post any bug reports in the appropriate beta forum, and make sure you give me detailed accounts of how you encountered the issue.

For non-beta users, fear not! I will reveal more content in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!


Fubar Rain and Weekly Builds Return!

Hey everyone,

So I had the Beta Build set to go last week, and then I did something that caused the game to crash after every other level. I think I have it mostly fixed at this point, but I am not entirely sure. More testing will need to be conducted in order to isolate the issue and attempt to fix the problem. So, since I have a lovely pool of Beta Testers who have been eagerly awaiting another Beta Build for months (wait, no, almost a year. I am so sorry), I have decided to start uploading weekly Beta Builds (I can hear ProMarbler laughing now).

Starting this Friday, August 2nd, 2013, at 7:00 AM EST, beta users will have a new Beta Build available for download to test out and provide feedback on. I expect all of my users to be busily posting on the DedalusTech forums to provide me with bug reports and/or suggestions. I have also started working on MBF Achievements, and you better believe there will be achievements awarded to beta users who provide useful and helpful feedback (and not to mention custom auras and marble skins they can show off).

Additionally, each Friday for the forseeable future, I will upload a new Beta Build and a changelog as I did previously. Eventually, I will build some kind of launcher client that will just snag the latest files from the DedalusTech site to make the constant updates less time consuming. I will let you know when something of the sort is in the works.

So, what can you look forward to this Friday? Well, aside from a plethora of connectivity hotfixes, the Options menu has been totally revamped with a couple custom MBF settings (particularly pertaining to particles and weather). The Options menu is far from complete, but please play around with particle settings and see what the resource effect is on your system as you do so. Oh, and something else I whipped up earlier this weekend, some rainy skies are back in the game, as seen below.


How is it raining? The sky looks completely clear... [Click for Full-Size Image]

I'll work on this next build as much as I can before Friday to try and load on the new features for everyone, and I hope to have online chat integration working at some point before mid-August. You will know via Message of the Day. Maybe if ProMarbler is nice, I'll activate Triple XP this weekend. You'll want to be level 50 before August 16th when Mastery gets finished up.


Been gone awhile, busy

It's been some time since I've posted.  I've been busy moving.  Going to Vermont in 4 days.  More info soon. But wanted to share some cool Secret World tuff.  My Cabal (TSW version of guild) is hosting an event and made this cool video.  I had nothing to do with it other than loving it.